Limited Release Barrel Select

Our icon wines, we carefully craft our Barrel Select range from very specific vintages. This allows us to create something truly unique and special.

Our barrels are a mix of sizes, oak types, toasting levels and ages. The oldest barrel is 12 years old and still ages the wines beautifully.

Each barrel is individually racked, cleaned, and refilled with the same wine,  about halfway through the wine’s maturation period. The wine is in the same barrel for the whole 18month period, and we conduct this process halfway through to keep the barrels clean and fresh.

Wine Club ExclusivesWhen it comes to blending our red wines each barrel is individually tasted and allocated according to the blend. With different palettes, the team doesn’t always agree on the allocations! Because our Barrel Select is so special the blend volume varies. The barrels are blended together. The wine is minimally filtered and never fined. It is bottled and allowed to age in bottle before being released.

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